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After a career in business and journalism, Joe Smyth is convinced that America’s greatness is being destroyed by a powerful ruling class of government bureaucrats, ego- and money-driven politicians, fat cat special interest lobbyists, and agenda-pushing media.

With common sense, plain talk and down-to-earth writing, Joe’s book — Fixing America’s Broken Politics: common sense solutions to the issues that divide us — tells how regular citizens can regain power and once again give the USA “a government of, for, and by the people”.

Joe was born and spent his first 12 years in a tiny railroad town (Renovo PA), lived and worked in Delaware’s state capital (Dover) for 25 years, and now resides in Arizona. He and his wife (and high school sweetheart), Madonna, have 6 children and 20 grandchildren.

Long interested in citizenship, Joe was the founding president of the Valley Citizens League, a non-partisan civic group in Arizona. He also served on an Education Reform Task Force that led to Arizona becoming a national leader in school choice and charter schools.

Joe was a political reporter and later the editor and publisher of Delaware’s state capital daily newspaper, the Delaware State News. He currently serves as chairman of Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA (INI). The views expressed in this book are entirely his own, and do not reflect the views of INI.

In Fixing America’s Broken Politics, Joe offers a brilliantly simple analysis of the partisan gridlock in America’s politics — and a specific action plan to fix what’s wrong, avoid class warfare, and lead the country back to greatness. The book was written for people who are disgusted by the double-talk, broken promises, corruption, and partisan finger-pointing of the career politicians.

Comments can be made at the blog or on the Fixing America’s Broken Politics Facebook page. On Twitter, it’s @JoeSmyth99.

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0615629466 / 9780615629469



  1. Steve Segal permalink

    This book is on target. It is a quick read and should be required reading to be eligible for a high school diploma in all schools in the United States. It should be the introductory text of all college level political science courses and required reading for all elected officials at all levels of elected office prior to taking office. While those recommendations are pie-in-the-sky, people who vote, conservative, liberal and moderate should give this book strong consideration.


    • Thanks, Steve. It seems to me people are looking for some sensible answers to our broken politics, and I hope this book offers some and will help stimulate a serious discussion.


  2. Gary Carter permalink

    Joe, I read most of your book today. Interesting ideas –many right on and many very libertarian.
    You are a long way from Renovo. (I grew up in Lock Haven and am retired in Sun City West.)
    I find it puzzling that folks who want very little in the way of government involvement in their lives, look to the government to solve problems and be involved only in those issues they (libertarians) say is OK?
    Historically, gov. involvement in our lives has provided safety, equality of races and sexes (not quite there yet), voting rights, health and safety regulations, laws and enforcement, education and more.
    I do agree with about 50% of your material.
    Congrats on the book.
    Gary Carter


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