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Don’t be caught in a street mob

August 19, 2017

Let’s all avoid the political rallies, protests and counter-protests that have unfortunately become so toxic.

Because they attract extremists, violence can break out even if 99% of the participants are there for all the right reasons.

And with the extremists “preaching to the choir” and shouting at one another, they don’t contribute anything to sensible public dialogue.

Don’t be caught in a street mob.  Reject extremism.  Avoid the 24/7 cable agitators masquerading as journalists.  Seek out voices of reason.  Stay safe and stay civil.  Talk among yourselves. Write a letter to the editor or post something on Facebook.  Think.  Vote.

  1. Chris Engel permalink

    You are right. Turn off the 24/7 ranting and raving. What’s going on has really troubled me. Hate to sound like a preacher, but I think we should all STOP and remained focused solely on our own hearts. Racism seems to me an archetypal force of, a shadow cast by, human nature, like any false drive to fraudulently get ahead, e.g. lying, stealing, cheating. We should admit it’s in us, me, everyone, every nation and creed. My job is to look to myself first and foremost, making sure, like any vice, racism’s ugliness is absolutely rejected deep WITHIN MYSELF. That, I think, is the root of progress that individuals have been making in America for many decades now.


  2. Well said, Chris!


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