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It’s not just Clinton or Trump; We have FOUR choices

August 12, 2016

Election 2016a

So many Americans are horrified about having to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

So, why don’t they consider voting for one of the two other candidates — the Green Party’s Jill Stein or the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson?

An incredible number of people don’t even know there are four choices, thanks to the media’s sloppy habit of mentioning only the two major party candidates.

Many other voters would prefer one of the other two candidates, but fear they would be wasting their vote.  “It’s all about the Supreme Court appointments,” they say.  “I’ll have to vote for ‘the lesser evil’ to defeat ‘the greater evil’.”

Well, a vote for Johnson or Stein might indeed end up being a wasted vote.  But it’s far too early to know for sure. Let’s not resign ourselves to “the lesser of two evils” too soon!

If ever we needed more choices than the Democrat and Republican nominees, this is the year.  So many people don’t want to vote for either one, and the platforms and campaigns of both candidates are awful.

Why not support Johnson or Stein now so they can debate Clinton and Trump on national television?  If  one of them (or both) makes the presidential debates, it could be the start of something really significant — even historic.

After the debates, if the third and fourth candidates don’t appear to have a chance of winning as  Nov. 8 approaches, we could always hold our noses and vote for the “lesser evil” of Clinton or Trump.

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