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Is this the best we can do?

March 20, 2016

Clinton & TrumpHillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

That’s the best America can do in 2016?

Will we elect a self-serving and scandal-ridden career politician who will say and do anything to achieve power and money?  In other words, elect President Clinton and get more of everything that is wrong about American politics?

Or will we elect a crude egomaniac who preys on our fears and prejudices and apparently has no principles, guiding philosophies or respect for anything other than himself?  In other words, elect President Trump and risk taking American politics from bad to worse?

It may be too late for us to avoid having to face such a depressing choice in this election year.

Regardless of how this election ends, could non-partisan citizen-based movements like No Labels give us the tools we need to save our country from the career politicians, crony capitalism, political parties and partisan media?


One Comment
  1. Tom Basso permalink

    Pretty sad state of affairs for sure.


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