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Both political parties insult us

November 21, 2015

Both political parties continue to insult the intelligence of the American people.

Republicans should stop promising lower taxes and/or a flat tax.  Within reason, most successful people don’t mind paying higher rates on their higher earnings.  Current tax rates are reasonable; except for corporate income taxes, the U.S. is competitive in the global economy.  The GOP formula of lower taxes and more spending increases the national debt, mortgages our future, and undermines our national security.

Democrats should stop claiming they will raise taxes only on the richest 1% of Americans.  It’s demagoguery, class warfare and political nonsense.  The math doesn’t work. Even a 100% tax rate for the 1% wouldn’t support the federal government’s current spending, much less the additional spending the Democrats want.

First, we need to get federal spending under control by limiting the federal government’s responsibilities to a few well-defined roles, such as national defense, immigration, foreign policy, protection of individual liberties, and the assurance of equal protection under the law. Leave everything else to the state or local governments—or to the people themselves. Hold the federal government accountable for doing a few things well, instead of doing everything poorly.

Second, we need to stop corporate cronyism and other special interest giveaways.  Then we could gently phase out all tax deductions and phase in lower (but still progressive) tax rates.  All Americans — rich and poor — would be better off, with one exception: the political elites in both parties who are enriching themselves while the nation suffers.

  1. Gary Edens permalink


    I like your piece. Agree with you on all points.

    Thanks for sending.


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  2. Mal Craig permalink

    well said, Joe. I think Cruz well understands these things.


  3. When these grandstanding presidential wannabes and others promise to control Federal spending, we need to ask for specifics. The only thing Washington pols have to fight over — to get control of — are table scraps. Most Federal revenue (81 percent of it, conservatively counting) is spoken for as soon as its received. Twenty-four percent of it goes to Social Security; 24 percent to cover Medicare- and Medicaid-related costs; 18 percent for defense-related expenses; 7 percent pays interest on debt; and 8 percent goes to pay benefits for military veterans and Federal retirees. For all intents and purposes, less than a quarter of every dollar of Federal spending is up for grabs.


  4. Tom Basso permalink

    Good ideas all.


  5. Mike Ruddell permalink

    Crony capitalism is one of the most corrupt entities embedded in our system on both sides. The false campaign promises are there to entice low information voters who live for sound bytes and inane tweets.


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