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Embarrassing media performance

October 29, 2015

The big losers in last night’s Republican debate:  The so-called “journalists” from CNBC with their highly partisan “gotcha” questions. No wonder so many Americans no longer trust the media.

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  1. Chris Engel permalink

    I still say this new national “journalism” is more honest, if also blatantly leftist, than ever before. In the past, a reporter like Dan Rather was just as left leaning, but deftly hid it behind supposed “professionalism” that really was just more clever and insidious gotchas and charges than what we heard last night. (Rather would never ask Nixon, Reagan, Bush I or Bush II if they were comic-book version of a president, while he would more subtly skewer them just the same.) The bias of the CNBC last night was so obvious to all. The Republicans took advantage and played off of it well. A real huge loser was us – the voters – that were denied a real debate — thanks to these partisan “journalists” – on the advertised topic: economic issues.


  2. Anyone watching — Republican, Democrat, or anyone of any other persuasion — couldn’t help smirk as Ted Cruz, with his words, eloquently carved a new bodily orifice for the one moderator who, I would say, was rocked backward in his shoes and rendered speechless. It was a delightful moment about which, of course, little was written in the morning news outlets.


  3. I haven’t been a big Cruz fan, but he really nailed that one!


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