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A Romney-Bush ticket in 2016?

August 30, 2014

So, who will win the presidency in 2016?  The problem is that anybody who is willing to do what it takes to get elected is already too flawed to deserve our trust.

Mitt Romney could make a political comeback since so many people now regret voting for Obama.  However, Romney doesn’t appear to be willing to once again subject himself and his family to the ugliness of American politics. 

Jeb Bush could be a fine president — much better than his dad or brother — but his last name may make him unelectable.

There’s a lot to like about Rand Paul — and I’m glad his voice will be heard during the primaries — but there’s no way he could be nominated by a Republican party that is so dependent upon the military-industrial establishment.

There’s a lot to like about Paul Ryan, too, but he has no executive experience and may be more effective in congress than as president — and (to his credit) seems to recognize this about himself.  (Governors get executive experience that legislators don’t get, and I think that’s important for a president.  This factor works against Paul, Ryan, Portman, Rubio, and many others.)

Marco Rubio is smart, personable, makes a great speech, and has a Hispanic last name.  But do we really want another smooth-talking inexperienced legislator with no executive experience — just like the guy we elected in 2008?

Chris Christie also makes a great speech, appeals to blue collar voters, and has a record of success as a governor dealing with Democrat majorities in the legislature.  But can he overcome “Bridgegate” — which made him look like a petty conniver and political bully?

Ted Cruz and Scott Walker are probably too divisive to win a general election.

A lot can happen in the next two years, so there could be huge surprises between now and then. 

But unless Mitt or/and Jeb emerges — how about a Romney-Bush ticket in 2016!? — it’s hard to imagine any of the other Republicans mounting much of a challenge to Hillary.  Which may mean the Republicans had better hope they can control both the house and senate from 2014-2024.

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  1. Mike Ruddell permalink

    Call me crazy, but I am thinking Dr. Ben Carson would be a Hillary slayer.


  2. Agree 100%…Run Ben Run ….America needs your common-sense.


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