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Cellphone loudmouths on airlines?

November 24, 2013


It’s good that the government is relaxing rules about the use of electronic devices on airliners.  But I’m not looking forward to being trapped in a confined space and having to listen to the lame babbling of rude loudmouths on their cellphones.  The first airline that allows inflight texting — but not voice calls — will win my business.

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  1. Gary Edens permalink

    I would agree with you, Joe. It’s my hope that permitted would be texting, emailing and websurfing (but only with ear buds as some web sites have audio.)


  2. Plus turn phones on vibrate. Who wants to hear a lot of ring tones going off. I’ve also found my kids are slow to answer phones or e-mail, but are quick to respond to a text message. Now text messages are super fast & easy on smart phones by just talking into the phone mic & hitting send! Sit next to me & I may be reading/ writing text messages by chatting with the phone the whole ride! So, maybe the rule for phones is vibrate only, no talking, & earplugs!


  3. Mike permalink

    Seems to happen to me everytime I am in line at Starbucks!!!!


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