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Let the states run national parks?

October 12, 2013

Big Government shutdown

Big Government has shown its distain for citizens by closing national parks and memorials — even in cases where closing them would cost more than keeping them open.

The sight of uniformed “public servants” keeping the public away from national monuments seemed like a police state nightmare, except that it was real.   It is here, in the good old USA.  And it is happening now, in our times — not just something that future generations will have to face as government grows and freedom erodes.

For our elite ruling class, the strong-armed shut-out of our national parks and memorials was just another way to make citizens feel the heat and bow down to acknowledge our dependency on Big Government.

Now, some state governments are stepping up to reopen the national parks, including the state of Arizona reopening the Grand Canyon.  Well, doesn’t this spark a great idea?

Our hopelessly bloated federal government manages to mismanage just about everything it attempts to do, partly because it tries to do far too much.

So, why not allow state governments to run the national parks?  This would put management closer to the scene.   And because state governments are smaller, more efficient, and more responsive to their citizens, they’d be sure to do a better job than the federal government.

One Comment
  1. Mike Ruddell permalink

    Hey after golf and renaming NFL teams are high priority for the POTUS, right?


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