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Stamp out the Postal Service (gently)

February 9, 2013

Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service wants to drop Saturday deliveries and some special interest groups are complaining to Congress about it.  Good grief!

This cut-back is long overdue and doesn’t go far enough.

There is no longer any reason for the government to be in the delivery business.  We’re living in the age of the Internet, when anybody can go to a free library to use a computer and use a free email account to send whatever needs to be sent.

The Postal Service, like most other government services, long ago became a bloated bureaucracy that made unrealistic promises to labor unions and therefore required massive subsidies from taxpayers (in addition to the rising cost of stamps).   It became so inefficient that — even with a virtual monopoly — it couldn’t compete when challenged by private delivery services like UPS and FedX.

Bootlicking politicians (always anxious to win friends and influence campaign contributions by spending OUR money) are to blame, along with postal bureaucrats and union bosses.

But this was not the fault of the postal workers — and they shouldn’t be made to suffer while our slimeball politicians (as usual) pay no price.  So, the Postal Service should be phased out gently — with no new hiring, with natural attrition and retirements, with pay freezes and win-win retirement incentives.

As the workforce gradually shrinks, why not limit postal deliveries to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?  And later to only one day a week?  And finally to no deliveries at all?   This gentle progression would give postal workers, citizens and businesses a fair chance to make whatever adjustments are necessary.

It would be a gentle way to wind down a government “service” that is no longer needed.  It would lessen the burden on taxpayers and free up resources to improve government services that are still needed.

If we can’t cut back on our outmoded and unnecessary postal service, what can we cut to reduce the federal government’s shameless and irresponsible deficit spending?

  1. Tom Basso permalink

    My father was a postal carrier and would be rolling in his grave of what the miserable postal service has come to. Fred Smith, from FedEx has offered to numerous Presidents along the way to negotiate to take over the USPS to no avail. I’ve got to believe that we’d better off with FedEx running it than the clowns that are currently running it. Spot on Joe!


  2. Mike Ruddell permalink

    Yes, this should have been done a couple of decades ago. The “special interests” are one of the many reasons, this country is headed for the soup line.


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