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More common sense about gun violence

January 8, 2013


An excellent letter to the editor of the Arizona Republic in Phoenix proves once again that regular citizens have a lot more common sense than media pundits and special interest-driven politicians.  Here it is:

Enough handgun blather

Laurie Roberts’ column Sun­day, “Kristi’s suicide a story of gun laws’ failure,” is another sad example of the media’s righteous single-mindedness on this important topic.

So, gun laws, the police, the court system and numerous others are to blame that a se­verely depressed woman killed herself with a handgun.


As a father, my heart truly goes out to Kristi’s parents. It really does.

That said, this tragic story isn’t about a “failure” of gun laws.

Does any rational person doubt for one minute that this person would not have taken her life some other way had she not had a gun?

Maybe we should ban buses because she might have stepped in front of one. Some­times, just sometimes, people are responsible for their own ir­rational actions.

Surmising that Kristi would still be with us today if we had no guns around is both naive and blatantly untrue.

Perhaps we wouldn’t have obesity in this country if they would just stop manufacturing forks.

If the media really want a reasonable discussion about gun control, stop publishing doggerel like this. Enough already!

Thomas J. Salerno, Phoenix

See more about common sense approaches to gun violence here.

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