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No, this is NOT America’s doomsday!

November 7, 2012

Some Republic voters are emailing this dire message today.  They’re “dead” wrong.  The nation will survive — especially if both parties reach across the aisle now to find practical and bi-partisan  solutions to deficit spending and the federal debt.

Mitt Romney had too much baggage from the religious right (gay-bashing and abortion) and made too many damaging gaffes during the campaign — especially his statement that 47% of Americans are “takers”.

Barack Obama and the Democrats played the class warfare card brilliantly, took full advantage of Romney’s gaffes and the Republican gay-bashing and abortion stances, and got an expected boost from Hurricane Sandy.

But the nation will survive, and the battles for America’s soul will continue.

  1. Barack Obama received a tremendous boost from the media, too. The bias seemed clear and obvious to me, so at least it was heartfelt, maybe even call it honest. It wasn’t subtle.


  2. Good observation, Chris, but you must not watch the Fox channel. 🙂 I do wish the media would be more even-handed instead of taking sides. What ever happened to purposeful neutrality in journalism?


    • Hullverson Tom permalink

      Classic —-I emerged from a bit of a funk this morning vowing not to listen to any of the pundits explain to me what had happened. The GOP ran a terrible campaign based upon a sophomoric notion that the great majority of voters were concerned about the deficit etc.
      Do you really think that Joe Beerbottle gave a damn about a “deficit”??? He’s trying to hold his family together, figure a way to pay his rising debts, have some money to send his kids to college etc. etc. The implied threat that his” benefits” would be taken away by some rich guy and his conservatives guaranteed Obama with 50 million votes!!!
      Another 20 million Hispanic panderees since Obama decided to ignore the immigration laws as applied to a certain class—sealed the deal.
      What a dumb campaign—Mitt and his handlers allowed Obama, the great divider, to frame the issues and lost this race accordingly.
      In case you don’t believe in media bias—Tuned in for 5 minutes on NBC news at 5:50 tonight and Brian Williams mentioned a major break in the stock market of over 300 points and explained it on the basis of unrest in Europe as well as something some banker over there said!!!!
      Not one word of OBAMA as a cause–Commercial Break—Shortly thereafter Maria Bartoromo of CNBC came on and indicated it was mainly an Obama victory which caused it.


  3. Vince Cannella permalink

    Part of the Republican defeat can be traced to its failure to recognize the growth and influence of the Latino community. Keep the tent closed and we’ll lose more elections.


  4. Betsy Tidwell permalink

    You may think I am crazy.. but some of the most ” balanced” politically based news I have come across while in both Thailand in 2010 and East Africa in 2012 is Britian based Al Jeezera! Honestly…


  5. Mike Ruddell permalink

    Yes, the Republicans had some gaffes, and a couple of church lady types running for senator blew it big time. However, the way the press gave B.O. and his acolytes a pass on the gun runner fast and furious debacle, and the cover up/story on how the Benghazi attack was just a protest for a you tube video is ridiculous. The administration let our citizens be slaughtered. Yes, the suspicious caught on tape 47 % comment hurt, and gave them ammo, but what about B.O.’s comment to the Russian president about “I will have more flexibility after the election.” If the American public did not see the three Dem examples (not just gaffes) as examples of corruption, then I cannot be optimistic.


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