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Today’s winner: Break your campaign promises, PLEASE

November 6, 2012

Regardless of who wins today’s Presidential election, let’s hope the victor will break his campaign promises and surprise us by and reaching out to pull the country together.

The nation can’t afford the mindless rhetoric and the partisan gridlock of the past four years, but that’s pretty much all either candidate has promised during this ugly campaign.

If it’s another four years for President Obama, he could surprise us by:

  • Showing some leadership to resolve the budget deficits and national debt that are bringing this once proud nation to the brink of bankruptcy
  • Insisting that the federal government do fewer things — but do them better — instead of overreaching and not doing anything very well.  (Some things are best left to state and local governments, or to the people themselves.)
  • Reaching across the aisle instead of steamrolling over Congress with executive edicts

If Mitt Romney wins, he could surprise us by:

  • Proposing equitable and simplified tax reforms that will make America competitive globally (instead of more tax breaks only for the rich)
  • Being just as tough-minded and strategic about military spending as he promises to be with the rest of the federal budget
  • Reaching across the aisle to break up the “too big to fail” banks.

And the victor (either one) could surprise us — and help restore citizen trust in politics — by supporting bi-partisan election reforms including:

  • Term limits and no pensions for elected officials to discourage “career politicians”
  • Full and early disclosure of all campaign contributions (posted online at least two weeks before the election)
  • Campaign contributions allowed only from individual citizens (no corporate, union or PAC contributions)
  • Cap the amount that any individual can contribute to any given political race
  • Much tougher ethics and conflict of interest rules for elected officials, their staffs and lobbyists
  • Require politicians to abide by the same laws as other citizens, including honoring “do not call” and “no junk mail” lists
One Comment
  1. Mike Ruddell permalink

    I am very skeptical of the honesty of what just happened. I am not normally a conspiracy nut, but the weeks leading up to the election, a lot valid polls had different results, and many of the lefty talking heads are saying it was the POTUS appearance with Christy in NJ. A photo op turned the election?


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