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Chapter 36: Action Plan to Save America

September 8, 2012
  1. Restore freedom, power, and responsibility to citizens.  Citizens must start accepting responsibility for their families and for the consequences of their choices instead of expecting government to take care of them. Free people must have the freedom to succeed, as well as the freedom to fail. For more about what’s wrong and how to fix it, see the “Citizens,” “Civility”,Education”, “Individual Responsibility” and “76 Proposals to Restore America’s Greatness” chapters.
  1. Take power back from the career politicians and the special interest groups that control them. Eliminate all pensions for elected officials and cap their pay.   Impose term limits, ban conflicts of interest, outlaw campaign contributions from special interest groups, and require full and timely disclosure of campaign contributions.  Keep members of Congress out of Washington (where they’re too tempted by lobbyists and too full of their own self-importance) and let them telecommute from home (where they’ll do less harm, stay closer to taxpayers, and spend less taxpayer money on travel). For more about what’s wrong and how to fix it, see the “Career Politicians,” “Big Business,” “Big  Labor,” “Big Media”, “Political Parties”, Election Reform,” “Congressional Reform,” “Take Back Congress” and “Censorship” chapters.
  1. Stop burying citizens in hopelessly complex laws, regulations and bureaucracies.  Reaffirm separation of church and state, keep marriages separate from civil unions, and break the stalemates over abortions, gay rights, gun control, and health care. For more about what’s wrong and how to fix it, see the “Freedom Explains America’s Greatness,” “Bigotry, Gay Marriage & Government,” “Health Care,” “Abortion,” “Guns,” and “Religion” chapters.
  1. Limited but effective government.  Insist that the federal government do a very few things very well instead of trying to do far too much and failing at almost everything. Consider fresh and practical solutions to our energy dependence, environmental concerns, and immigration policies. For more about what’s wrong and how to fix it, see the “Government,” “Energy & Environment,” and “Immigration” chapters.
  1. Fix what’s clearly not working. Reclaim our financial liberty, restore fairness and simplicity to the tax laws, streamline the justice system, and stop burying citizens in government debt.  Reform entitlements, stop deficit spending, end the misguided war on drugs, stop capital punishment, and make prisoners earn their room and board. For more about what’s wrong and how to fix it, see the “Deficits,” “Crime, Courts, Drugs & Prisons,” “Entitlements,” and “Taxes” chapters.
  1. Inspire the rest of the world.  Set a good example for others with our freedom and economic success, not with bribes and military dominance.  Promote individual liberty (not just “democracy”)  around the world. For more about what’s wrong and how to fix it, see the “Democracy or Republic?”, “National Security” and “76 Proposals to Restore America’s Greatness” chapters.
  1. Tackle poverty and stop class warfare.  Help people rise from poverty to prosperity.  Get the government off the back of America’s economy.  Replace our failing welfare programs with a brilliantly simple negative income tax to ensure that nobody will have to beg in the streets or turn to crime.  For more about what’s wrong and how to fix it, see the “Economics,” “Fair Pay, Big Business & Crony Capitalism,” “Poverty,” and “Socialism” chapters.
  1. Mike Ruddell permalink

    The biggest problem I see for trying to take back some the power from government is that “career” politicians have created a culture of entitlement. Every 2 years they make promises they know are not sustainable and often contradictory. In other words, they promise one group one thing, and promise the polar opposite to another. I think we have a lottery mentality when it comes to politics in this country. Investing your money in representatives is like hoping to strike it rich by investing 2 dollars in Lotto. Odds in both cases are very slim. So we need to create a culture of independence and cultivate individuality as opposed to Marxist like collectivism. Their concept of “fairness” is now a code word for entitlement.


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