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“Sanctity of Life”: Whose life? How many lives?

September 6, 2012

In my chapter about the abortion issue (which you can view here:, I didn’t deal in depth with the issue of rape-caused pregnancy.

A dear friend — Trish McBurnett — sent the following thoughts, which I post here with her permission.  Your comments — pro or con — are welcome at the bottom of this post.  Here are Trish’s thoughts :

We hear a lot about  “Sanctity of Life”:  Whose life?  How many lives?


If a woman gets raped, and pregnant, it is a crushing experience for:

1)    The Woman:

a)    Struggles though pregnancy, then delivery –

This is not without physical pitfalls, discomfort & pain

b)     As it’s a result of RAPE, this pregnancy/birth is also much  worse,

mentally and emotionally, for  her.

c)      Pregnancy & delivery @ what financial cost?   Per ‘the web’, it’s $ 9,000 to  $ 17,000 for natural birth without insurance.  Who pays? If she can’t, does the government pay?

d)     Men note:  The whole event completely disrupts her, married, or single, for Life

As a higher percentage of women, in this country, are ‘poor’, not middle-class or wealthy –it figures that many more  ‘poor’ women are raped. Thus, usually, money is a Major Problem.

e)    Costs to cover a child’s basic food-clothing-shelter-CARE, and schooling, for about 18 years, currently lists @ $226,920, for middle-income people, according to the US Dept. of Agriculture. College is not included.  If you are ‘poor, the strain is tremendous!’ If  the mother can’t handle this, who does? The government?

A serious, continuing, difficulty!

2)    The Child: (probably of a ‘poor’ mother)

a)    Odds are good that “Tender-Loving-Care” is harder to come by than is the case for other children.  Its mother has many problems.

b)    Known for life as the “child-of-a-rapist”, and quite possibly “unwanted”

(hardly helping self-esteem)

c)     May well enter the “Foster Care” system – well known for its problems.

The Government’s ‘law’ must not  prevent a pregnant woman, raped (or otherwise), from having an abortion if she chooses.

The status of the woman, the embryo, and her family are intertwined, and effected for all the years they live

Having a baby is not government-“business”. it is private – between the woman and her doctor.

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