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Discuss this book with your children & grandchildren?

August 31, 2012

I’m especially delighted by a reader’s recent comments because I wrote the Fixing America’s Broken Politics book for our grandchildren and their generation in hopes of getting more of them to at least think about politics — and that’s precisely how this particular reader is planning to use it.  He writes:

I have read and reread your book and while I do not share 100% of your ideas it is largely the exact same words I have been telling my children and grandchildren for several years (at least those who are willing to listen).

I am going to (ask) each young person in my family (to) read this  book… then I hope that will be the time to sit down and discuss it individually with each of them…While the future will be painful for them if they don’t pay attention, it is also my responsibility to show them by being active in the best areas where (we) can impact the future.

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