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Why can’t Big Media state the truth about illegal immigration?

August 20, 2012

9/26/12 update:  Even the notoriously liberal New York Times isn’t as manipulative with “political correctness” as Gannett’s Arizona Republic (at least about “illegal immigrants”):

9/22/12 update:  It happened again today, in another front page story in Gannett’s Arizona Republic.  This time, there are 18 uses of “undocumented immigrants”, and the word “illegal” doesn’t appear even once in the entire story.

8/20/12 original post:

Today’s Arizona Republic (Gannett’s Phoenix newspaper) features a story that uses the term “undocumented immigrant” 16 times.  The word “illegal” doesn’t appear anywhere.

Is it any wonder trust in Big Media continues to plunge?  Political correctness is one thing, but deliberately avoiding the truth in a news story is just bad journalism.  (This was supposedly a straight news story, not an opinion piece.)

As explained in the Immigration chapter of my book, some compassion should be shown to the illegal immigrants we enticed here because of the nation’s need for more entry level laborers.   But if we want honest discussion of this difficult issue, it doesn’t help when Big Media allows their own political agenda to distort and “spin” the truth.

This particular newspaper also calls for more civility in politics, but promotes a columnist’s campaign to label some elected officials as “kooks”.

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  1. Gary Edens permalink

    Joe, as usual, you are spot on. The AZ Republic and so many other left leaning newspapers and other media have decided the term “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” is an unkind politically incorrect term. So they frequently substitute the kinder, gentler word “undocumented.” Still they are illegal, right?


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