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Solutions in sight for our abortion battles?

July 14, 2012

The “pro-life” and “pro-choice” debate that has so bitterly divided the nation may finally be approaching some common ground that most of us could embrace, as suggested in the Abortion chapter:

More generic versions of the “morning after pill” are coming to the market, making these drugs more readily available to those who want to use them.  Prices will come down.

And it turns out that the federal government (in its usual misguided manner) has been mislabeling what these pills actually do.  Research indicates the pills delay ovulation BEFORE eggs are fertilized — which is considerably different from interfering with fertilized eggs.

As usual, our government continues to be a big part of the problem.  Without any supporting scientific evidence, the FDA mislabeled what these drugs do; this needs to be fixed.  The FDA makes some of the “morning after pills” available only by prescription; this, too needs to be fixed.

Our government also provides monetary incentives for people to have more unwanted babies in order to increase their welfare payments. More about this — and how to fix it — in the Poverty chapter:

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